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Consonants Edit

The two main distinctive features are voicing and aspiration. A characteristic and unusual trait of Nibel is that aspiration is distinguished in almost all consonants with the exception of some fricatives. Likewise, the voicing opposition carries over to the liquids and nasal. Nibel aspirates, both voiced and voiceless, are characterized by clearly audible breathy voice on a following vowel.



Dental Alveolar Velar Uvular Glottal
Plosive plain p b t d k g ʔ
Nasal plain m n ŋ
aspirated m̥ʰ n̥ʰ ŋʱ
Fricative plain ɸ β f    θ ð  s x χ ʁ h ɦ
aspirated ɸʰ θʰ
Lateral plain l
aspirated l̥ʰ
Tap plain ɾ̥ ɾ
aspirated ɾ̥ʰ ɾʱ

Only about half of the consonants, termed "primary", are found in citation forms. These are marked in bold in the table. The rest ("secondary consonants") occur only as results of consonant mutation; however, mutation may also result in primary consonants.